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One observation about the World we live in today that I doubt anyone would have much disagreement with is that it is extremely complex. Obviously the sophistication of many everyday conveniences that we take for granted like automobiles and computers dictate a certain level of complexity which is therefore justified. Probably the most complex mechanism that we take for granted is our own human body. When you think of all that the human body must accomplish each day just for us to exist and function it is really mind boggling and yet our bodies accomplish the many intricate tasks that it must without us even thinking about any of them.
I think that this very level of complexity of the human body leads many to the false assumption that only complex solutions will lead to results. The bulk of evidence clearly shows that this is not the case. Simple solutions, like taking vitamin and mineral supplements to give your body the nutrients that it needs, will yield far greater long-term results in improving your health than even the most sophisticated and expensive prescription medications. More importantly, by not first adhering to the basic requirements of the body you can actually render more sophisticated products useless because of the synergistic way that the human body functions.
I see examples of what I am talking about just about every day. People who have just begun fitness programs and want to try using supplements start with performance enhancement products like Creatine or Androstendione instead of vitamins, minerals or protein. The usual outcome is that they see very limited results and then come to the false conclusion that the products do not work. You can take all the Creatine and Andro that you want but if you are not also taking plenty of protein, which contains the building blocks for muscle, you will see very little muscle growth.
I could cite more and more examples like this but for the sake of brevity just let me advise all of you to be intelligent in the way that you use supplements. Make sure that you are meeting the basic requirements of your body before you worry about taking more sophisticated products and you will not only save yourself a lot of time but also a lot of money.
Davey Dunn

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