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How to Use Fat Blocker, Carb Blockers, and Fat Burners
By Bethany Roberts
Last time at the weight loss corner I talked about how to properly use Thermogenic weight loss products. I was amazed at the response I received since it appears there are many people out there who have taken these types of product but did not fully understand how to use them. In addition to the many positive comments I received about this article I also received a lot of questions on the proper use of some other weight loss products like Fat Blocker, Carb Blockers, and Fat Burners. Since the last issue seems to have benefited so many I am going to try to use this article to fully explain how to properly use some of the other types of weight loss products available on the market.
Fat Blocker type products usually contain Chitosan and possible some other fiber ingredients like psyllium or oat bran. Chitosan is the most important ingredient since it is the one that has been shown to absorb fat. Chitosan is fiber which means it is not broken down and digested by the body and will just pass through your digestive tract. Since Chitosan also absorbs fat as it passes through the body it is able to absorb the fat that it comes into contact with in the digestive tract and take that fat with it on the way out of the body thus preventing the fat from being stored.
The proper way to use a Fat Blocker product is with a meal that contains saturated fat. You should take enough Chitosan to absorb whatever fat is in the meal you are eating. The product manufacturers tell us that Chitosan can absorb up to 7 times it's weight in fat so if your meal contains 14 grams of fat you will need to take about 2000 mg of Chitosan. It is important that you take your Fat Blocker either just before or during a meal because the Chitosan needs to be in the digestive tract at the same time as the fat in order to be able to absorb the fat. If you are trying to lose a significant amount of weight then you should use Fat Blocker with every meal that you eat.
Carb Blocker products are similar to Fat Blocker except that they work on carbohydrates instead of fat. The key ingredient to look for in a Carb Blocker type product is Phaseolus Vulgaris Extract since this is the ingredient that has been shown to block the absorption of carbohydrates in the digestive tract. Most Carb Blocker products will also contain Chromium Picolinate or Alpha Lipoic Acid to regulate insulin and reduce sugar cravings but be careful because I have seen several products that claimed to be Carb Blockers but did not contain any Phaseolus Vulgaris Extract. As with Fat Blocker, you should take your Carb Blocker just before or during a meal in order to block the absorption of the carbohydrates in the meal. Each 1000 mg of Phaseolus Vulgaris Extract will block up to 50 grams of carbohydrates according to the manufacturers so plan accordingly.
Both Fat Blocker and Carb Blocker products are excellent to use to prevent the accumulation of bodyfat. It is important to understand that unlike thermogenic products like Thermo Phen Phen, they do not directly burn your bodyfat. Instead they reduce the impact that saturated fat and carbohydrates have upon your body producing new bodyfat. I have talked before about how helpful such products can be during the holidays when it seems it is almost impossible to abstain from eating foods that are hazardous to your fat health. By using Fat Blocker and Carb Blocker to minimize the damage at such times you will get much better results from your workouts or thermogenic products.
Fat Burner type products can be the most confusing to understand how to use since many can contain thermogenic ingredients like MaHuang or Guarana. The majority of Fat Burner products do not contain such ingredients so I am going to spend my time here in explaining how to use these types of products. The products that do no contain MaHuang or Guarana usually contain ingredients like Chromium Picolinate, L-Carnitine, Choline and other ingredients that help your body to more efficiently use bodyfat as a source of fuel for energy. These types of products work best when you increase your body's demand for fuel by exercising or by using a thermogenic product like Thermo Phen Phen that speeds up your metabolism. You should take 1 or 2 servings of Fat Burner each day with your meals so that the ingredients are always working to increase the amount of fat burned for energy. Since Fat Burner products help your body to use more bodyfat as fuel they work best when you are exercising or otherwise requiring a high level of fuel for energy.
You have probably figured out by now, after reading this article and the one last issue, that there are many products available that can make losing weight much easier. I have tried to explain how to use several of the most effective of these products since knowing how to use them properly is what makes them work best. What may be even more important than knowing how to use a weight loss product is choosing the right product based upon your own individual needs. Next issue I am going to focus on how to go about choosing the right product so come back and join us again next time at the weight loss corner.

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