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The big news this issue is that Nutrition & Health OnLine Magazine now has its own domain name: Since going online in October of last year, Nutrition & Health OnLine Magazine has become extremely popular. In order to make it easier for our readers to access we felt it was time to have a simple URL that is independent of We are grateful to InterNUTRITION for all the help they gave us in hosting the magazine for the first six months. If you shop at InterNUTRITION you will still be able to access Nutrition & Health OnLine Magazine through the image on the home page.
We received a tremendous amount of positive email on our article Weight Loss Products: Which Ones Work Best?. It appears that there is even more bad information out there than we thought. Below are a couple of samples of what we received.
    "I could not understand why Metabolife did not work for me. Everyone told me it was the best product out there but I spent over $ 120 on it and did not lose a pound. After reading your article I can see that I was taken in. I couldn't believe it when I read that only 3 of the ingredients had any effect. I got some Thermo Phen Phen and have already lost 10 pounds. Thank you so much."
    "You guys really know your stuff. I heard a bunch of guys at the gym talking about Xenedrine so I figured I would give it a try. I lost weight all right. All the muscle I had worked my #*#* off gaining last year. I couldn't figure out what was going on till I read what you guys said. Those ##** should be shot for putting out such a product. You just got a loyal fan. Keep up the good work."
We also got some hate mail on this article. A couple people threatened to sue us and worse over what I said about Metabolife 356. Probably a safe bet they are Metabolife distributors. I challenge them or anyone else to refute what was said in the article using sound scientific evidence. One thing I will never do is back off in speaking truth. If you can convince me I am wrong I will be the first to admit it. I cited 21 research citations in that article so obliviously I did not just sit down and write from off the top of my head. Threats just make me more determined to make sure the truth gets told about some of these rip-off products.
I doubt this month's issue will generate as much response but who knows. We will probably burst a few bubbles when some people read about HMB in Latest Research. As always we have tried to provide a good mix of training and nutrition articles to help you better achieve your goal of having a fitter and healthier body. Enjoy.
Davey Dunn


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