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By Davey Dunn
Q.  I am using a product called AM-300. How come you did not include it when you rated the weight loss products? I wish you had because I would like to know how it compares to the other products.
A.  It would have been impossible for us to have rated all the weight loss products on the market since there are literally thousands. We tried to pick the products that had the highest popularity. We also tried to choose products that are fairly representative of all the types of weight loss products available. For instance the product you refer to AM-300 is a lot like Metabolife. It contains MaHuang and Guarana and a lot of other useless ingredients.
This kind of product is fairly typical among MLM companies. Since the main objective of most of these companies is to signup distributors who will buy their products instead of selling directly to consumers the type and quality of the products is not as important as the system they are selling. Unfortunately most of these companies are also run by people who have very little knowledge of the human body. It is kind of hard to design an effective weight loss product when you have no idea what causes the human body to shed fat. This is the reason 85% of the ingredients in Metabolife are ineffective.
If the AM-300 has not produced the results you were hoping then try one of the products we awarded 4 or 5 stars. I caution you to start off with a much lower dose that what you were using with the AM-300. Without all the useless ingredients there is a lot more of the active ingredients per capsule and it will give a lot more kick.
Q.  I started working out last year and am using protein and creatine. I was wondering if I need to take a good multi-vitamin. I asked my Doctor and he said I would just be wasting my money because I would just piss it out and that I get everything I need from food.
A.  Oh Boy. Here we go again. I do not know why some Doctors are so concerned about whether you spend $ 100 a year to take a multi-vitamin. I guess they think that money could be better spent, say, on ONE prescription. Anways, to answer your question it is very important that you get all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs or your body will cease to function properly much less build new muscle.
Vitamins and minerals are in simple terms the building blocks that your body uses to make new tissue and organs. And since your body is constantly in the process of breaking down and building up there is a constant need for vitamins and minerals. When you add in exercise the needs increase the same way the need for gasoline increases when you drive a car faster.
If you have enough time and enough money it may be possible to get everything you need from food but it is doubtful. Doesn't it make a lot more sense to take a convenient pill that contains vitamins and minerals? Of course it does. You are already taking extra protein in a supplement because you have probably realized that you cannot eat enough to get all the protein you need to build muscle. Go ahead and add a good multi like Animal Pak. Don't worry about what the Doctor will say because chances are once you start ingesting more vitamins and mineral your need to visit the Doctor will decrease substantially. Hmmm. Maybe we just figured out why some Doctors are so against taking multi-vitamins. Bad for business.
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